Turgay Ertekin
Professor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Department Head, Energy and Mineral Engineering
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Redesigning Coalbed Methane Reservoir Engineering: A Reflective Analysis

This presentation is a compendium of Penn State’s research efforts of almost 35 years in the area of coalbed methane reservoir engineering. While covering what has been achieved within this timeframe, we will make stops at some of the developments that we believe increased our understanding of the behavior of this class of reservoirs. Along these lines, transport mechanisms in coal seams and their representation in numerical models, in situ measurement of transport and storage characteristics of coal seams, type curves for production analysis and compositional modeling of the transport problem will be discussed in the chronological order of their development. Presentation will conclude with a brief review of our current efforts involving the development of specialized expert systems using neuro-simulation methodology for various coalbed methane reservoir-engineering applications.


Turgay Ertekin is a professor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering and Head of the Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering at Penn State. He is also the current holder of the George E. Trimble Chair in Earth and Mineral Sciences. Ertekin in his research programs with his graduate students emphasizes on fluid flow dynamics in porous media and develops numerical models and artificial expert systems  for unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs. He has supervised the thesis work of 37 PhD and 88 MS students to completion. He is the author of more than 250 papers and four books and has given 300 invited presentations and workshops in different parts of the world.