Fall 2013 Clean Energy
Rob Cooper, PE
Director, Energy and Engineering, Office of Physcial Plant, Penn State
Paul Moser, PE
Superintendent, Steam Services, Office of Physical Plant, Penn State
Steven Maruszewski, PE
Assistant Vice President, Office of Physical Plant, Penn State
Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PSU’s Decision to Switch from Coal to Natural Gas

Since 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been working to finalize regulations that would set new limits on Hazardous Air Pollutants.  Penn State has followed this process closely knowing its West Campus Steam Plant would likely not meet the new regulations that were eventually finalized in January 2013.  This presentation walks you through the timeline of important events leading to Penn State’s compliance decision to switch to natural gas and into the process of design and construction at WCSP.


Paul Moser, PE
Paul has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering Old Dominion University.  He is a licensed professional engineer.  He is Superintendent of Steam Services for Penn State’s Office of Physical Plant.  His organization is responsible for Safe, Reliable and Efficient operation of 2 Combined Heat and Power plants and distribution of steam, compressed air and natural gas.

Rob Cooper, PE
Rob has a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degree from Penn State.  He is a licensed professional engineer. He is the Director of the Energy and Engineering Division for Penn State’s Office of Physical Plant. His 200 person organization is responsible for the operation and maintenance of energy systems and programs including Engineering Services, Utility Services, and Environmental Systems.

Steven Maruszewski, PE
Steven Maruszewski started at The Pennsylvania State University in February 1995.  During his time at Penn State, he held the following positions:  Project Manager; Manager of Design Services; Director of Commonwealth Services; Director of Design & Construction.  In his position as Director of Design & Construction, he was responsible for executing a capital design and construction plan with an overall value of approximately one billion dollars.  In December of 2004, he was promoted to Deputy Associate Vice President for Physical Plant.  Steven was recently promoted to Assistant Vice President for Physical Plant.

Mr. Maruszewski’s current responsibilities include:

  • Leading the Finance and Business strategy for Environmental Stewardship Strategy.   The objective of the strategy is to encourage the University to conduct its business in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship, and moves the University toward sustainable practices.
  • Leading a Finance and Business initiative to develop an integrated Capital Planning and Funding system.  This system will ultimately integrate all of the information associated with capital projects (budgeting, funding, cash flows, accounting, and project management) and the overall capital plan in one web enabled system. It will be used throughout the various units within Finance & Business to manage all aspects of the Capital Construction Program.
  • Oversee annual operating budgets of $77 million and service budgets totaling $133 million.
  • Leading efforts to assess facility condition and make renewal of facilities a strategic priority that is fully integrated into the capital planning process.

Mr. Maruszewski attended Penn State where he earned a Bachelors degree in Architectural Engineering. Upon graduation, he spent the early part of his career working as a design engineer for Albert Kahn Associates in Detroit, Michigan and a project engineer/manager with STV Engineers in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Just prior to starting at Penn State he was a principal in two multi-discipline engineering consulting firms.