Fall 2014
George Guthrie
Department of Energy, NETL
Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Predicting the Behavior of CO2 Storage Reservoirs: Informing Early Decisions That Rely on Uncertain Natural Systems

This seminar will discuss the use of science-based prediction to quantify the behavior of natural systems, a critical need that cross-cuts most energy options. The primary focus will be on predicting the long-term performance of CO2 reservoirs, with a focus on factors that tie to potential risks. But the seminar will also touch on the broader applications to a range of engineered-natural systems.


Dr. George Guthrie is the focus area leader for geological and environmental sciences at DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory. As such, he leads NETL’s intramural research activities across a range of fossil-energy related challenges, including CO2 storage, unconventional fossil fuels (including CO2-EOR and shale-gas), deepwater hydrocarbon resources, and methane hydrates. Prior to NETL, he spent ~20 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory. As technical director for the National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP), he also leads a multi-national-lab initiative to use DOE’s broad capabilities in science-based predictions to quantify potential risks for engineered-natural systems.