Fall 2014
Debo Adams
International Energy Association (IEA) Clean Coal Centre
Friday, November 7, 2014

Energy Policy in the European Union, with a Focus on Coal and Biomass

The presentation considers energy policy in the European Union for coal and biomass, and looks at some of the impacts of the policies. Examples are given from various member states including Germany and the UK. The likely future direction of energy policy in the EU is discussed.


Debo Adams has over 20 years’ experience of studying and reviewing clean coal technologies and related issues. She has written reports for the IEA Clean Coal Centre, IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme, and Financial Times, among others.  In the last 4 years she has specialized in biomass and has written a report on its sustainability. She organizes the annual workshop on cofiring biomass with coal. Debo is currently Communications Manager for the IEA CCC.

Paul Baruya has experience in energy markets analysis and environmental consultancy over the last 20 years. He specializes in coal market reports for the Clean Coal Centre and has recently produced reports on global coal and biomass resources as well as an assessment on Southern African and Asian regions.