Fall 2013 Clean Energy
Daniel A. Wilson
Vice President, Wilson Engineering Services, PC
Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Biomass Combined Heat and Power – Design, Project Development, and Policy

The presentation will address policy, design approaches, and project development for biomass combined heat and power.  The policy discussion will center on biomass CHP benefits, existing government policies, and common sense policies for promoting efficient biomass utilization.  The design discussion will center on load modeling, system sizing, and commercially available technologies.  The project development discussion will focus on economics, financing, and permitting.  The goal of the presentation is to provide the audience with a working knowledge of the potential benefits of biomass CHP applications and the general requirements for successful implementation.


Dan is a Vice President at Wilson Engineering Services, PC (WES).  WES is a full service engineering firm operating in the energy and environmental sectors.  Dan has overseen WES’s role in over fifty biomass thermal and combined heat and power projects.  WES’s role in these projects has included concept development, design, permitting, and construction management.  Dan is a professional engineer and has a BS in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Penn State and a Masters in Civil Engineering from Johns Hopkins.  Dan is the Chairman of the Biomass Thermal Energy Council, and serves on the board of the Pennsylvania Biomass Energy Association.