Minimum Miscibility Pressure Estimation (PennPVT)

PennPVT is an excel toolkit to calculate minimum miscibility pressure (MMP). It uses both method of characteristics and mixing cell method developed by this research group.

Surfactant Phase Behavior Prediction and Design (PennSurf)

This tool allows you to tune experimental data to a new equation-of-state model developed in our group. The tool also allows you to vary parameters like temperature, pressure, salinity, EACN, and others to see how phase behavior will change. The new EoS is an improved version of the HLD-NAC model developed in chemistry.

A simplified interactive web version of PennSurf, our EoS for microemulsion phase behavior, can be found at

Please note that the EoS has a provisional patent, and is in the process of receiving an international patent.  You may contact Dr. Russell Johns if you would like a license.

General Purpose Simulator (PennSim)

This group has developed a new type of general purpose simulator (PennSim) that includes advanced coupling of chemical reactions and phase behavior, as well as a super-fast solver. Some features and applications include:

  • Black oil, compositional and reactive transport (Qiao 2015)
  • CO2 WAG (SPE170930)
  • Low salinity waterflooding (SPE 170966)
  • LSW and Polymer flooding (SPE179695)
  • Fines release and nanoparticle transport
  • Fully implicit and IMPES
  • Unstructured grid
  • Constraint pressure residual solver, multigrid
  • Distributed parallel black-oil simulation (SPE 175602)
  • Surfactant polymer flooding (SPE 179566)