Thank you for your interest in supporting the EMS Energy Institute. As you know, energy research is critical to society’s future, and we need your help to stay on the cutting edge and train a new generation of energy professionals. With your support we can continue to be a leading research hub for energy science and technology development while offering out-of-classroom experiences for students.

Make a Gift to the EMS Energy Institute, The Pennsylvania State University

Your contribution can help…

  • Upgrade facilities and analytical instrumentation. The Institute provides a footprint for research, including laboratories and equipment that are not available anywhere else at the University. However, our instruments are aging, and the manufacturers no longer support many of them. Right now the EMS Energy Institute is experiencing a crisis in providing instrumentation to our researchers. Your donation will help us procure this much-needed equipment.
  • Support undergraduate research experiences. Your gift will enhance a student’s educational experience by providing them with a hands-on learning opportunity. Participation in research improves critical thinking, confidence, time management, and teamwork skills, and prepares students for the job market or post-baccalaureate education.     

From our students: "My research experience taught me more about designing and building experimental set-ups, data collection, and data analysis than any of my classes because instead of following a set of prescribed lab procedures, I was challenged to collaborate with my colleagues and solve open ended problems.” Laura Bradley

“Participating in research projects as an undergraduate student helped me to develop many skills that are difficult to attain through regular classwork.” Derek Hall

  • Fund collaborative research programs. Your contribution will provide seed funding for new multi-investigator research groups. These groups are designed to encourage inter-program collaboration, attract industrial engagement, and provide opportunities for students by establishing new initiatives, which can transition to self-supported research centers, consortia, or industry membership programs led by Institute-affiliated faculty.
  • Sustain Energy Exchange seminar series. The Institute began a seminar series to host talks on clean energy technology and policy, especially in the areas of fossil fuels and biomass to fill a noticeable gap in seminar topics on campus. The series brings research partners and potential research partners to campus to meet our faculty and students and tour our facilities. In addition, it benefits Penn State students by giving them a space to talk with leaders in energy research about their background, their current work, the job market, and more. However, travel costs limit us. Your donation will help us continue to bring high-level speakers to the University.

If you have other ideas about where you would like to direct your gift we would be happy to work with you. For questions about giving opportunities, please contact Shea Winton, or 814-865-4575.