Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Penn State and Dailan University of Technology have created the Joint Cente

Today, from our school and Penn State University Establishment of the Confucius Institute and the Joint Energy Research Center in the United States, Pennsylvania State University campus Opening and Kyung Code Instrument Type. I school school long OU Jinping, and Liao Ning province education Hall patrol depending Member ginger even flat, and I school vice principals Ning Guiling, representative mission line 8 people and the Pennsylvania State vertical University principals, taught works long, vice principals and the all College Professor were participate in has ceremony. Celebration China Red characteristics, national flags, Hei Kyung's large Chinese and foreign words, and a Grand atmosphere heat intense. Participate in the celebration of the University of Pennsylvania (State College) Mayor Elizebeth Goreham Announced Confucius Institute and the Joint Energy Research Centre was established, and that the 4 Month 12 Day “ Confucius Institute day ” 。

The opening ceremony, OU Jinping college principals should be invited to speak . Europe principals warm wish he Confucius College and joint energy research center of established, said this is two school of between cooperation of important milestone, marked records was two school of cooperation entered has new of made exhibition Shi period. Confucius College of established for from world around came to Pennsylvania State vertical University learn acquisition of students to and the local people understanding China language make peace culture provides has is good of platform, is important of Bridge beam and ties . Confucius Institute will work for the people of the world Chinese language needs, enhance the peoples of the world to understand China, plus strong education in the context of exchanges and cooperation, promote the development of cultural diversity in the world, build, and harmonic world. Joint Energy Research Center will promote two school Division health in energy and ring border collar domain of cooperation research, for solution important energy problem do analysis recovered type of application base Foundation research and the and related workers industry territories of cooperation research. Two schools to push through Confucius institutes and joint energy research center further cooperation between the two schools. Description: http://news.dlut.edu.cn/xwzx/dgxw/h000/h41/img201104250718580.JPG President of Penn State University Graham Spanier In his speech expressed the developing country The importance of the relationship, particularly the establishment and development of Dalian University and the importance of partnerships. Dalian Polytechnic University is the University of Pennsylvania as a development partner in China one of the two universities, between the two schools in areas such as energy, environment and cultural language of cooperation would promote mutual understanding, will benefit the two countries and to world peace and development. Pennsylvania State vertical University vice principals and the Graduate School of homes long Henry Foley in speech in the pointed out that China and United States is world Shang two a maximum energy Xiao fee country and carbon dioxide row abroad, therefore between in fossil energy of Qing Jie using and carbon dioxide of collection and using aspects of cooperation research on Yu between and world are has important meaning meaning . Description: http://news.dlut.edu.cn/xwzx/dgxw/h000/h41/img201104250719390.JPG Subsequently, both school leaders, the Liaoning Provincial leaders, local government officials, the US President of Confucius Eric Hayot Us officer Chun-Shan song, joint Energy Research Center ( Chunshan Song ), Chinese officer Qiu jieshan Confucius institutes and joint energy research center ribbon-cutting ceremony. Entire ceremony Jane short, warm, good combination, opened a two-school cooperation new JI Yuan. Description: http://news.dlut.edu.cn/xwzx/dgxw/h000/h41/img201104250720180.JPG Description: http://news.dlut.edu.cn/xwzx/dgxw/h000/h41/img201104250720430.JPG After the unveiling ceremony, at the University of Pennsylvania campus Play Put on dry days of Thunder, a campaign including black bamboo Adjustable 、 Fishing Boats evening, ambush, forest Bird Tracks such as China, Traditional music Song performances 600 Many of the officers at the scene of warmly Huan Welcome, surprise And revel in the Chinese instrumental music of the deep and wonderful.  

Before the opening ceremony, two University Confucius Institute held a Confucius Institute at the inaugural meeting of the Council and members of the Council will for the first time On the I school governing OU Jinping, Ning Guiling, Chen Wang Chun participated in the meeting. Will Shang Confucius College beauty party Dean Eric Hayot , and Chinese Dean cattle Xiao Equinox don't on 2010 years accounts, and 2011 years pre- is and work meter designated for has reporting , by discussion zhihou Council plenary pass had above content.  

At the University of Pennsylvania Visit During the q, OU Jinping, Ning Guiling sub School principals Graham Spanier , Registrar Rodney Ericson , Vice President and President of the Graduate School of Henry Foley , Vice President Rob Pangborn 、 Madlyn Hanes 、 Michael Adewumi School leaders and conducted a series of fruitful Talk about , Decided Check Department two institutions for joint development and mutual -For Student learning Mesh collaboration Discussion on. In his speech at the dinner, Ning Vice President of TSE principals, Deputy principals and Pennsylvania State University Confucius Institute and warm reception to the Chinese representative, joint energy research center, hope that the cooperation between the two sides can reach more new -order . Pennsylvania State vertical University Michael Adewumi vice principals Mr again welcomes Dalian University of OU Jinping principals, and Ning Guiling vice principals and the dagong delegation visiting, thanks Pennsylvania State vertical University Grahm Spanier principals Rodney Erickson Senate long and the Henry Foley vice principals for international cooperation of product very support, and thanks joint energy research center of beauty party Director Chun-Shan song (Chunshan Song ) and the Confucius College beauty party Director Eric Hayot and the Chinese Dean Niu xiaochun for this event and the international exchange by made of large work. He wished the two institutions of international cooperation to achieve greater progress. Participate in the celebration of the Confucius Institute and the establishment of the Joint Research Center for energy University of science and technology Research Institute, personnel , Chemical industry and the Division of life-environment, Soft The Dean of the College, the University of Pennsylvania, the international project office, teachers, representatives of the City School District Board of education, students, and so on. Chain Received:  

Energy is a matter of national security and economic sustainability Continued stable Development of technology. To China and the world 's major energy issues for the target, my school early in 2007 on convergence and consolidation at the beginning the school engaged in energy research , established the Dalian University Energy Research Institute. 2011 years began, in principals OU Jinping academician of recommendations Xia, school decided relying on chemical and environment life Division and energy research center, Group built to Dalian Polytechnic large learn and United States Pennsylvania State vertical University for Foundation of joint energy research center (PSU-DUT Joint Center for Energy Research,JCER) , gathered two school engaged in chemical and fossil energy research of technology forces, to JCER built set became national energy chemical and talent training of a important research platform. 2009 years 10 months, 16 days, President OU Jinping, academician and with the University of Pennsylvania President Spanier professors signed the cooperation of the two institutions on joint energy research center . 2011 years 4 months, 12 days, principal Ou Jin ping fellows and with the University of Pennsylvania President Spanier , Professor jointly signed two cooperation agreements on joint energy research center.   

2010 Years 10 Month successfully held in Dalian A Dalian University - Pennsylvania State University energy catalyzed by double edge seminars in the United States, Pennsylvania State University held a second session of the bilateral energy catalyst seminars. Accompanied access of chemical College Dean Sun Kwok smell Professor, and Vice Dean Ao Hu right Professor, and chemical and environment life Division Qiu jieshan Professor, and is PSU access of chemical College Wang Anjie Professor, and software College Guo He Professor, in seminar Shang between Szabo has I school related discipline field of research work. Qiu Jie mountain Professor school comprehensive picture of our research work in the field of energy technology. Due to these and report energy technology at the State University of Pennsylvania 's attention. From Pennsylvania State vertical University Institute of technology, Earth and mine property College, energy Institute, and information technology College of many bit Professor and research personnel participate in has energy seminar, energy and Environment Institute (PSIEE) Dean Tom Richard Professor for Pennsylvania State vertical University of energy and environment related research of direction for has describes, energy Institute Director and the energy and Environment Institute (PSIEE) Vice Dean Chun-Shan song (Chunshan Song) Professor for Energy Institute for has introduction, and for joint energy research center (JCER) of established background and both participate in cooperation of main personnel and the cooperation direction for has overview describes. This foreign guests State State vertical University chemical Department Director Andrew Zydney Professor, hydrogen can Research Center Director Bruce Logan Professor , and energy and mineral Department Semih Eser Professor representative Department Director Yaw Yeboah Professor describes has Pennsylvania State vertical University related discipline field of research work. The newly established Joint Energy Research Center JCER Task is to carry out biological mass transfer and clean fuels, carbon dioxide capture and use of net, Catalysis and new materials and the use of efficient catalytic conversion of coal applied basic research in such areas. Recent main side heavy following several aspects: coal and health substances efficient conversion using, and recovery carbon dioxide with new efficient adsorption material, and to carbon dioxide for raw materials of hydrocarbon class fuel and containing oxidation production products efficient catalytic synthesis new method, and biological mass efficient Jie net transformation of new catalytic Agent and new workers Arts , and more dimension between hole new catalytic material, and coal and health substances of collaborative catalytic gasification, and efficient optional shaped catalyst and the technology, coal base function sexual carbon pigment material,. Both parties determine, to work together to JCER energy into the construction of the Joint Research Centre has an important impact in the field of international energy technology platform, strive for international cooperation in applied basic research projects in the near future, and in the field of industrial technology to build channel United States advanced energy technologies refer to Dalian. (International cooperation and Exchange Office Division of chemical and life-environment) Responsible editor: Song Yue Hua Student reporter Wang Wei