Friday, March 23, 2012

By Shea Winton EMS Energy Institute Writer/Editor and Public Relations Specialist

PSU-DUT Workshop Group Photo

On March 21-23 Penn State and Dalian University of Technology held the third workshop for the Joint Center for Energy Research (JCER). The workshop was held in Dalian, China and was attended by over 80 faculty, students, and administrators from both universities. 

The workshop consisted of presentations of current research endeavors by various faculty members as well as discussions around further collaborations. The group also toured Dalian University of Technology research laboratories.

Participants from Penn State included President Rodney Erickson; Vice Provost Michael Adewumi; Chunshan Song, co-director of JCER and director, EMS Energy Institute; Tom Richard, director, Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environments; Yaw Yeboah, department head, Energy and Mineral Engineering; Bruce Logan, director, Engineering Energy and Environmental Institute; Michael Janik, professor, Chemical Engineering; Sarma Pisupati, associate professor, Energy and Mineral Engineering; Yongsheng Chen, assistant professor, Energy and Mineral Engineering; Zhen Lei, assistant professor, Energy and Mineral Engineering; and Jonathan Mathews, assistant professor, Energy and Mineral Engineering.