Thursday, April 30, 2015

Story by Chunshan Song & Bruce G. Miller

Several faculty members affiliated with the Penn State-Dalian Joint Center for Energy Research have received awards and honors at Dalian University of Technology.  In April  2015, Dr. Michael Janik, Professor of Chemical Engineering, has been selected for the Hai-Tian (Sea Sky) Scholar Award by Dalian University of Technology based on his active contribution to collaboration and education of graduate students at DUT School of Chemical Engineering in conjunction with the Penn State-Dalian Joint Center for Energy Research. The Hai-Tian Scholar Award supports the awardee's travel and short-term stays in Dalian University of Technology for collaborative research education for 3 years.  Dr. Janik has visited DUT many times and participated in the Penn State-Dalian Joint Energy Workshops.

Dr. Andrew Kleit, Professor of Energy and Environmental Economics was awarded the Hai-Tian Scholar Award in recognition of his contributions in the areas of energy and environmental April 2015.

"Being a Hai-Tian scholar gives me a great opportunity to interact with the distinguished faculty at DUT,” Professor Kleit said.

Professor Kleit will return to Dalian in June, where he will be working with DUT professors on a number of energy and environmental issues, as well as, interacting with the Energy Business and Finance undergraduate students studying at DUT, as part of the two universities’ ongoing pursuit for clean energy. 

Dr. James D. Freihaut Professor of Architectural Engineering was award the Hai-Tian Scholar Award for collaboration and education of graduate students at DUT School of Architectural Engineering.  Dr. Freihaut has visited and lectured at DUT, and he also hosted visits of DUT faculty members including Prof. Jili Zhang and Dr. Tianyi Zhao from DUT Building Energy Institute.