1. Faculty Member completes online Wage Payroll New-Hire Online Form that will be sent to Christy English (cdc23) to generate an offer letter with the information provided to send to the new employee.
  2. Christy will provide the prospect with the online job posting number that he/she must apply to in order to start the hiring process.
  3. Once the prospect applies online, Christy will email him/her the offer letter (with a cc to the Faculty Supervisor) for acceptance and signature.
  4. Once accepted, the signed offer letter will be sent to HR Shared Services to initiate the on-boarding process, that includes a background check and instructions on completing all necessary financial paperwork.
  5. Additional paperwork may be sent to the new employee related to specific items pertaining to working with the EMS Energy Institute, that includes registering in File Maker and completing safety and compliance trainings.
  6. After all on-boarding processes are complete, Christy will notify the wage payroll employee and the supervisor that the employee may start work. 

NOTE – Background checks and all required new-hire documentation MUST be completed PRIOR to logging any working hours.

Please enter the Prospect Name.
This should be the prospects' physical address.
Please enter as 'xxxxxxxx' format with no spaces.
Please enter the Prospect Email address.
$ /hour
The hourly rate can only be between $10-$40/ hour and must be a whole dollar.
Please list specific duties to be performed and how they relate to the pay budget charged.
(if applicable)
Please enter the Supervisor's full name.
Please enter the Supervisor's Email address.