eNewsletter Volume 1, Issue 2

1. Newsletter adopts new name
2. Penn State Institutes of the Environment restructures to incorporate energy
3. Faculty Spotlight: André Boehman
4. PEM fuel cell research at Energy Institute a part of DOE working group
5. Energy Institute sponsors first Carbon Structure, Synthesis and Properties Workshop
6. Hydrogen Day at Penn State brings focus to renewable energy
7. Energy Institute receives funding for two biomass studies
8. Upcoming Events
9. Contracts/Grants

eNewsletter Volume 1, Issue 1

1. Welcome to Peter Flemings
2. Faculty Spotlight – Chunshan Song
3. New Center Serves as Focal Point for Biomass Research at Penn State
4. David Clifford
5. High School Students Prepare for Science-Related Careers through Summer Study Program with EMS Faculty
6. Upcoming Events
7. Contracts/Grants

2006 Headlines

August 18, 2006 - Press Release
Energy Institute Participates in Renewable Energy Exhibit at Ag Progress Days News

August 11, 2006
Energy Institute Network Outage

July 24, 2006
Energy Institute Seeks New Director

July 31, 2006- Press Release
Biomass Studies Completed for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

June 23, 2006 - Penn State LIVE
Diamond by-product of hydrogen production and storage method