I am pleased to announce the establishment of the Office of Student Development at The Energy Institute and the appointment of Dr. Sharon Falcone Miller as director. The mission of the Office of Student Development is to support the goal of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences to create the most student-centered college in Penn State history. To achieve this goal, the Office of Student Development will coordinate and enhance the educational experience of students through research and mentoring opportunities at The Energy Institute, enhance the recruitment of new students by the college by offering unique research experiences and student support, participate in college and university diversity programs and coordinate and
expand field employment/internship opportunities in the private and public sector.

Dr. Falcone Miller received her PhD in Fuel Science from Penn State in 1992 and has worked at The Energy Institute as a research associate since then. She has participated in numerous existing departmental and university programs and community-based programs aimed at diversity recruitment and student mentoring. The Office of Student Development is located in 407 Academic Activities. Dr. Falcone Miller can be contacted at 863-8893 or emailed at ei-studentdevelopment@psu.edu.

Dr. Harold Schobert
Director, The Energy Institute