Hyun Jae Kim, a PhD student of Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering working in the EMS Energy Institute, was selected to receive the Student Award for Best Paper at the American Chemical Society national meeting in Philadelphia during Aug 17-21, 2008. The award was presented by the ACS Petroleum Chemistry Division in Philadelphia.  Only one award is selected by the Division at each national meeting.
This award is for the paper listed below that Hyun Jae Kim presented at the American Chemical Society national meeting in New Orleans during Apr 3-7, 2008.
Kim, Hyun Jae; Song, Chunshan.   Hybrid zeolite-supported Pd catalyst with high sulfur tolerance for low-temperature hydrogenation of aromatics in diesel fuels.    Abstracts of Papers, 235th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, United States, April 6-10, 2008  (2008),     PETR-040.  CODEN: 69KNN3  AN 2008:390796    CAPLUS
Hyun Jae is a PhD student working with Dr. Chunshan Song, Professor of Fuel Science and Chemical Engineering and Director of EMS Energy Institute.
The work focuses on a new concept for catalyst design towards low-temperature hydrotreating and dearomatization for producing ultra-clean diesel fuels in the future.