Thursday, December 16, 2010

The EMS Energy Institute held its 2010 Celebration of Accomplishments banquet on Friday, December 10, 2010. Several faculty, staff and students received awards for their achievements and service to the Institute. Below is a list of the awards presented and their recipients. Congratulations to all!

EI faculty, staff, students receive recognition with pictures of each recipient
Chao Xie

Student Achievement Award
Chao Xie, Graduate Student
Materials Science and Engineering

For superior performance in research by graduate or undergraduate students working at EMS Energy Institute, as evidenced by publication.

Natalie Keener

Student Service Award
Natalie Keener, Undergraduate Student
For excellent services by graduate or undergraduate students to the research, service and educational missions of EMS Energy Institute.

Shea Winton

Administrative Staff Excellence Award
Shea Winton, Writer/Editor
For superior performance in supporting faculty, students and research staffs for research, service and outreach at EMS Energy Institute.

Mamoru Fujii

Dedicated Employee Award
Mamoru Fuji, Research Support
For dedicated and excellent job performance at EMS Energy Institute.

Stephen Kirby

Distinguished Service Award
Stephen Kirby, Research Associate
For sustained and distinguished service to research and service missions of EMS Energy Institute.

Jonathan Mathews

Research Achievement Award
Jonathan Mathews, Assistant Professor
Energy and Mineral Engineering

For outstanding research accomplishments as reflected by high-impact research publications in refereed journals.