Local Section of American Institute of Chemical Engineers Visits EMS Energy Institute
Thursday, November 17, 2011

On November 16, members from the central Pennsylvania section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers toured the EMS Energy Institute as part of their November meeting. The tour provided an opportunity for the Institute to showcase its research and facilities to students and professionals in the chemical engineering field.

There were over 20 attendees, including students and faculty from Bucknell University and Penn State as well as professionals from Croda, Inc., Lonza, Inc., and Dow Chemical.

After a brief presentation about the Institute by Chunshan Song, director, EMS Energy Institute, attendees toured six areas: the clean fuels and catalysis facilities, the electrochemical technologies labs, the coal sample bank, the gasification and combustion facilities, the pyrolysis, liquefaction, and combustion reactors, and the diesel engine facilities. In addition to Chunshan Song, Xiaoxing Wang, research associate; Mark Fedkin, research associate; Sarma Pisupati, associate professor; and Greg Lilik, a graduate student in fuel science spoke to visitors about their research.