Xiaoliang Ma Leaving the Institute for New Opportunity
Friday, June 3, 2011

Dr. Xiaoliang Ma, senior research associate at the EMS Energy Institute, has accepted an offer to lead a refinery research program at Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research, as a program manager. He will be leaving the EMS Energy Institute in June 2011.

Dr. Ma began working at Penn State in 1995 as a post-doctoral scholar and research associate in the fuel science program. Currently, he is a senior research associate and the leader of the sorption and desulfurization group at the EMS Energy Institute. In his time at the Institute, Dr. Ma has contributed to numerous research projects and has been a principle investigator or co- principle investigator on many clean fuels research projects.

“I have greatly enjoyed working with Xiaoliang for over 15 years and am grateful for all his contributions to EMS Energy Institute research, especially in experimental and computational research in fuel desulfurization and gas separation research,” said Dr. Chunshan Song, director of the EMS Energy Institute.

Prior to coming to Penn State, Dr. Ma worked at the Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry, on coal liquefaction and upgrading of coal-liquid, and at National Institute for Resources and Environment, Japan, on upgrading of coal-liquid and co-processing of coal and petroleum. Dr. Ma received a bachelor degree in chemical engineering from Zhejiang University, China, a master degree in chemical engineering from Central Coal Mining Research Institute, China, and a doctorate degree in engineering from Kyushu University, Japan.

“We will miss Xiaoliang greatly but we realize this offer from Kuwait presents great opportunities for the next phase of Xiaoliang’s career development,” said Dr. Song. “We wish Xiaoliang well in his new career.”