Stephen Kirby moving on after 11 years at the Institute
Friday, January 21, 2011

Stephen Kirby, Research Associate, will be leaving the EMS Energy Institute on January 28 to join Naivstar, Inc. in Melrose Park, Illinois as senior project engineer – fuels. Kirby works with André Boehman in the Institute’s transportation program. His current research includes, fuel characterization and processing, engine performance, diesel systems, emissions characterization and control, particulate characterization and control, and biodiesel and alternative fuels.

Kirby started at Penn Sate as a visiting undergraduate student. At that time, he worked with Dr. Chunshan Song, who is now the Director of the Energy Institute. He returned as a graduate student in 1993 and began research with Dr. Harold Schobert, professor of fuel science. He continued his research with Dr. Schobert until 1999 when he began working with Boehman at the Energy Institute, where he has been for over 11 years.

“In addition to his research contributions, Steve has provided a sustained and distinguished service to the research and service mission of the Institute and worked in various roles to support safety, facilities, education and research at the EMS Energy Institute over the years,” Dr. Song said. Recently, Kirby received the Distinguished Service Award at the 2010 EMS Energy Institute Celebration of Accomplishments for service to the research and service missions of the Institute.

“We really appreciate Steve’s contributions and wish him well in his new career in industry,” Dr. Song added.