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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Gas Flooding Joint Industry Project held it’s seventh annual meeting at the EMS Energy Institute from October 11-13, 2012. The meeting was organized by the EMS Energy Institute at Penn State in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin.

The meeting had over 25 attendees including industry representatives from five member companies, Shell, OMV, British Petroleum, and Maersk as well as students and faculty from Penn State and the University of Texas at Austin. It included a software demonstration, 14 technical presentations, and tours of several Penn State laboratories. The project presentations drew lively industry feedback and many comments on the exceptional quality of the research. The meeting also provided an opportunity to students, faculty, and industry representatives to discuss research goals and future work.

The Gas Flooding Joint Industry Project generates innovative research in gas flooding and closely related areas, and recruits and trains graduate students in petroleum engineering for careers in the oil industry. The project is run by Russell Johns, professor of petroleum and natural gas engineering in the John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering at Penn State. 

The majority of funding for the program comes from industry membership and, in order to ensure the research is highly relevant, the group encourages industry affiliates to provide topics and data for the research. The group's research falls into several key areas, including gas flooding processes such as CO2 gas flooding and rich gas flooding, thermodynamics & phase behavior, geo-chemistry, petrophysical properties, and numerical simulation of gas floods.

For more information on the Gas Flooding Joint Industry Projects visit www.energy.psu.edu/gf/.