Thursday, August 16, 2012

As of July 5, 2012 a new background check policy has be approved. Effective immediately, any new employees who are paid by Penn State are required to have a background check before the Finance Office will approve their appointments. This policy affects all employees, including wage payroll, graduate students, visiting scholars, and faculty and staff hires.
The background check is supposed to take about a week, but could take longer. It is important to keep in mind that no appointment will be started before the background check is finalized and human resources notify the Institute. As you are planning for new hires and visiting scholar arrivals, remember to plan extra time for the background check. New student hires should see Cindy Anders, while faculty, post docs, and visiting scholars, should see Kelly Rhoades to obtain the appropriate paperwork.
In addition, each new employee must be given an offer letter for the current position. All new offer letters/invitations must be run through Kelly Rhoades to ensure it contains the correct information regarding the background check forms that will need to be completed prior to the appointment. We will not be able to complete their CAC account form, the ID card form, or provide an office assignment prior to the successful background check notification.

Every time an individual changes positions (i.e. grad student to wage payroll) a new offer letter will need to be provided and, if there was not a background check done in the prior appointment, we will need to have on completed prior to the new appointment. If there was one done previously, we will need to verify that it has been completed. Finally, if there is a break in service for six months or longer there will need to be a new self-disclosure form submitted prior to the new appointment.

This information is outlined in Policy HR99. You can review this policy on GURU or find the link on our policies page. Please see Kelly Rhoades if you have any questions or concerns.