Gareth Mitchell
Monday, April 15, 2013

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- April 15, 2013

Gareth Mitchell is a geologist. As an associate researcher at Penn State, the 61-year-old can still be found out in the field, collecting samples and doing research on coal. 

“I'm a hands-on kind of fellow," he says. "I don’t mind getting dirty and doing the hard work.” 

He also likes working with his feet. On ice, particularly.

Mitchell, who goes by “Gary,” has been lacing up his figure skating boots for about 20 years. He has long loved the sport — “I saw movies by [famous Olympic figure skater] Sonja Henie when I was a young boy, and I thought it was the most marvelous thing to watch her skate to music” — but never did more than shuffle around on frozen ponds as a child. Read More

On April 19 & 20 Penn State will be having its 2013 Ice Show. This show will be the last one in the current ice rink.

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