Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Three EMS Energy Institute researchers attended a National Science Foundation (NSF) conference on May 14, in Baltimore, to present their work with ionic liquids. The work is funded through NSF’s Accelerating Innovation Research (AIR) program. The conference provided an opportunity for researchers to present to industry representatives and showcase these commercial-ready technologies.


Emeritus Professor Paul Painter; Bruce Miller, senior scientist, EMS Energy Institute; and Aron Lupinsky, research assistant, EMS Energy Institute, attended the conference to discuss their work, which uses ionic liquids to separate oil from sands and other types of mineral matters. The technology is clean and less expensive than current processes. It has applications for cleaning up environmental disasters, separating oil from drilling muds, cleaning sand from oil well operations, and other activities related to energy and the environment.

The AIR technology translation program encourages NSF-funded technology investigators to consider commercializing promising research discoveries. For more information on the project, visit the NSF website.