analyzer close up
Friday, February 7, 2014

The EMS Energy Institute maintains a suite of chromatography and spectroscopy instrumentation available to any faculty or student at the University who has a research need. The Analytical Research Group at the Institute oversees the maintenance, scheduling, and use of the equipment and provides free customized training to investigators and research groups.

The EMS Energy Institute has a diverse selection of gas chromatography techniques at its disposal. The majority of these technologies are focused on the detection and speciation of complex hydrocarbon mixtures. For example, analyzers can identify specific sulfur and nitrogen compounds in diesel fuels, analyze liquid fuels obtained from coal and biomass conversion processes, or measure the concentration of specific compounds in the emissions from flue gas. Our Analytical Research Group will work with investigators to inform them about the features and applications of our instrumentation and how the instrumentation can be used in their work.

Since many researchers in the University community may be unaware of the capabilities of our analytical facilities, the EMS Energy Institute offers free training for individuals or research groups to educate investigators about analyzer capabilities and appropriate analytical techniques. Researchers may schedule a formal training at any time by contacting Dongxiang Wang, In addition, the EMS Energy Institute holds workshops, which are open to anyone interested in learning more about our analytical facilities, at the beginning of each semester. Please visit our website for a listing of analyzers and applications as well as current workshop offerings.