Group Photos of JCER Workshop

-Penn State News

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

With the goal of promoting global cooperation in clean energy research and education, Penn State and Dalian University of Technology (DUT) in China established an international Joint Center for Energy Research (JCER) in 2011 as a part of global engagement efforts at both universities.

“The Joint Center for Clean Energy Research between DUT and Penn State has become a model for our engagements with our strategic partner institutions around the world,” said Michael Adewumi, vice provost for Global Programs. “And this is due in large part to the leadership provided by professor Song.”

Chunshan Song, distinguished professor of fuel science and chemical engineering, and co-director of the JCER said, “The joint center has provided a platform between the faculty members of both universities. Energy and the environment are globally important challenges. I am looking forward to continuing and expanding the collaboration between Penn State and Dalian through the joint center.”

The center has been actively facilitating research collaborations and faculty and student exchanges between the two universities. In the three years since JCER’s start, affiliated researchers at DUT and Penn State have published 35 refereed journal articles on energy-related collaborative research including bio-energy, CO2 conversion to chemicals and fuels, 3-D nano-structured porous materials, novel carbon materials, new catalytic processes for hydrogen production, shape-selective catalysis for chemicals synthesis, biomass conversion to chemicals and computational catalysis. In addition, faculty and students have continued to travel between the two universities in order to conduct collaborative research, and both universities have hosted visiting professors and doctoral students. Collaboration for study abroad program for undergraduates in the energy area has also begun in summer 2014. Read More on Penn State News