The GridSTAR microgrid facilities at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia
Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Story shared from Pamela Krewson Wertz and Penn State News

- June 24, 2015

Penn State launches Center for Sustainable Electric Power Systems with funding help from EMS Energy Institute

As we shift our energy systems to include more renewable energy sources, we are also challenged to re-think how our electric grid will support an efficient and resilient energy supply,” says David Riley, who is affiliated with the new center and director of the DOE GridSTar Smart Grid Experience Center. “The formation of the Center for Sustainable Electric Power Systems (CSEPS) provides a much needed instrument to engage faculty members in a collective effort to pursue the interdisciplinary research needed to tackle this challenge.” Affiliate faculty members of the new center to include Jeffrey Brownson and Sarma Pisupati from energy and mineral engineering. Read the full story at: