Photo of Energy Economics Professor Andrew Kleit Named Hai-Tian Scholar

Andrew Kleit, Penn State professor of energy and environmental economics in the College of Earth and Minerals Sciences’ John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering (EME), has been appointed a “Hai-Tian” (Sea-Sky) Scholar by the Dalian University of Technology (DUT) in recognition of his contributions in the areas of energy and environmental economics.

Kleit will be in residence in Dalian for one month for each of the next two years working with DUT researchers studying the energy and environmental challenges facing China. The Hai-Tian Scholar award is part of DUT’s efforts to improve its research quality through collaboration with well-known researchers throughout the world.

Kleit is also an active member of the Penn State and Dalian University of Technology (DUT) Joint Center for Energy Research (JECR). JCER was established in 2011and has been actively supporting faculty and student exchanges and research collaborations at both universities. The JCER is a research endeavor between Penn State and DUT in China. The goal of the Center is to facilitate collaborative and multi-disciplinary research in energy and energy-related environmental sciences and technology, and serve as a hub for global education. Dr. Chunshan Song, Distinguished Professor of fuel science and chemical engineering, director of the EMS Energy Institute, and associate director of PSIEE, co-directs the JCER with Dr. Jieshan Qiu, professor of chemical and materials engineering, associate director of DUT Energy Center, and associate dean for the faculty of Chemical and Environmental Technology and Life Sciences at DUT. The EMS Energy Institute coordinates the JCER activities on behalf of PSIEE.

As chair of EME’s Energy Business and Finance program, Kleit is also involved in facilitating Penn State’s summer study-abroad program at DUT offered by EME. Submerged in Chinese culture, the students spend six weeks studying China’s approach to managing energy and environmental challenges. The JCER offered student support for the study abroad program in 2014.

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