EMS Energy Institute May 2015 newsletter



Chunshan Song
Director of the EMS Energy Institute
25-Years of Service Award 

Shimin Liu
Assistant Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering
Gladys Snyder Junior Faculty Grants 

Li Li
Assistant Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering
Wilson Award for Excellence in Teaching

Joseph P. Abrahamson
M.S. Student
Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistants, Charles B. Darrow Award, Robert and Leslie Griffin Award 

What is WPPSEF?

Q & A with West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund Director Joel Morrison

U.S. DOE Quadrennial Energy Review

Senior Adviser to the Secretary of the U.S. DOE William F. Hederman speaks at Energy Exchange Seminar

Senior Adviser to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy William F. Hederman spoke at one of the most well attended Energy Exchange seminars this semester, despite the University being closed for snow. The event, held on March 4, was part of a seminar series aimed at outreach and education for relevant energy topics. Hederman spoke about goals and challenges for energy infrastructure in the United States.

Jet Fuel from Bio Oil

Battelle Project attempts to make jet fuel using bio oil

25 percent of the world’s coal reserves are in the United States. A team at the EMS Energy Institute is attempting to make use of that reserve for alternative fuel sources. The research focuses on the formation of jet fuel from coal/biomass blends to liquids.

New X-Ray CT Scanner

Cutting edge research to continue at Penn State with acquisition of new X-Ray CT Scanner

Rock – bone – fossilized bone – chocolate – baseball bats – baseballs – golf balls – helicopter blades – fish – fruits – vegetables – insects – plants – soil. By creating digital visualization of countless objects through non-destructive inspection, Penn State’s X-Ray CT Scanner instrument unites research areas across campus. The list will continue to grow with the acquisition of a new version of the machine, set to arrive on campus sometime this fall.