Monday, June 22, 2020 to Friday, June 26, 2020
EMS Energy Institute Conference Center

First Annual Short Course on Modeling Aqueous Systems will take place June 22-26
The First Annual Short Course on Modeling Aqueous Systems: Fundamentals and Modeling Techniques with OLI Studios will take place June 22-26 at the Penn State University Park campus, EMS Energy Institute Conference Center.
This course will cover the fundamentals of modeling aqueous solutions and corrosion processes used within OLI studio. Lectures and hands-on OLI Studio modeling exercises will be used to demonstrate how complex systems can be modeled. This course is appropriate for those new to OLI studio, professionals working with this software, and those looking for a refresher course in its underlying theory. Modeling walkthroughs will be presented using OLI’s Stream Analyzer, Corrosion Analyzer, and Studio ScaleChem programs.
Lecture Topics include:
Chemical Potential, Gibbs Energy and Standard States
Concentration, Ionic Strength and Activity Coefficients
Chemical Equilibria, Speciation and pH
Phase Equilibria and Gibbs Energy Minimization
Redox Reactions, Redox Potentials and the Nernst Equation
Pourbaix (Potential-pH) Diagrams
Overpotential and Polarization Curves
Mixed Potential Theory
Corrosion Rate and Types of Corrosion
The Role of Aqueous Thermodynamics in Scaling
The Role of Gas-Water Interactions in Scaling
Register for the short course here. For more information, contact Derek M. Hall at