Office of Student Development Educational Outreach thru Science Lions
Office of Student Development Educational Outreach thru Summer Camps
Office of Student Development Educational Outreach

Science Lions

The Science Lions is a Penn State University student volunteer organization dedicated to fostering science and engineering interest in K-12 students. They develop and perform interactive science demonstrations throughout central Pennsylvania in collaboration with local educators. Demonstrations on energy, polymers, phase chemistry, electricity and more can be requested by schools and other educational groups. For information on Science Lions visit

Summer Camps

The EMS Energy Institute participates in numerous summer camps. Demonstrations and workshops on energy-related themes are presented to middle and high school students. Topics such as fuel cells, biofuel utilization, air pollution, hybrid vehicles, electricity generation, diesel engines, and more are presented. Energy camps and topics vary year-to-year. To find out more about camps offered by the College of Earth and Mineral Science visit

Upward Bound

The Energy Institute participates in Summer Experience in Earth and Mineral Science (SEEMS) sponsored by Upward Bound Math and Science Center (UBMS). The purpose of the UBMS at Penn State University is to assist participating high school students in recognizing and developing their potential to excel in math and science and to encourage them to pursue postsecondary degrees in these fields. Penn State UBMS currently holds a 100% postsecondary education acceptance rate and a 100% high school graduation rate for participants in our program. Students attend a five-week session and stay on campus. They attend classes and conduct a research experiment, write a research paper, and present their results to other participants, advisors and judges at the completion of the program. More information can be found at the UBMS website