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Prior Experience of the PI

Sanjay SrinivasanThe PI Sanjay Srinivasan is a professor of petroleum and natural gas engineering at the Pennsylvania State University and holds the John and Willie Leone Family chair in Energy and Mineral Engineering. His primary research focus is in the area of subsurface geologic characterization especially the characterization of natural fracture networks in the subsurface.

The PI is currently supervising a team of 7 graduate students and 2 undergraduate students. These researchers are financially supported through a combination of research grants, endowment funds and teaching assistantships. Prior to moving to the Pennsylvania State University, the PI supervised a large group of graduate students, post-doctoral research fellows and undergraduate researchers. He graduated 12 doctoral students, 30 master’s students and has supervised 16 undergraduate researchers during his tenure at UT Austin. In addition, he was very active in the supervision of excellent undergraduate students selected as part of a 10 week summer undergraduate research internship (SURI) program at UT Austin. Many of the undergraduate students supervised by him as part of this program have gone on to resume their graduate studies either at UT Austin or elsewhere. This is the first time the PI is seeking funding through the REU program.