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Cyclone Production Pump Public Executive Summary

Lead Organizaation: 
Cyclone Production Tools, LLC
Principal Investigator: 

Larry Perry
(405) 222-2895

The technology that is subject of this grant request is currently patent-pending and works to eliminate the rods and pumping units currently used by the petroleum industry.

Our objective is to identify and mitigate any obstacles that have made hydraulic pumping systems inadequate in the past, including pump design, hydraulic fluids, friction pressures, and tubular design. The research will also provide data to support discovery and results. This will verify that his technology, the Cyclone Production Pump, will effectively remove adequate fluid volumes at the rates required for both horizontal and vertical stripper well conditions.

We anticipate that the results of this research will document and proved that the Cyclone Production Pump can be operated from the surface using hydraulics. Additionally we will demonstrate the longevity and reduced operating cost of using the Cyclone Production Pump to capture a significant portion of the market and positively impact the environment.

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