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Chemical Stimulation of a Fluid Blocked Gas Production Stripper Well Public Executive Summary

Lead Organizaation: 
Trueblood Resource
Principal Investigator: 

Mark Butler

Project Objectives:

To demonstrate a substantial increase in gas production of a fluid blocked stripper well through chemical stimulation by using 3M’s new treatment. This will entail a revolutionary new process that should reduce fluid blockage and increase flow rates. Initial studies indicate that this will be a solution for improving production that could greatly benefit small producers’ output and economical viability.

Project Description and Methods to Be Employed:

Trueblood Resources Inc., 3M and the University of Texas will design the treatment for the trial well, treat the wells with its new gas well treatment, collect production data, analyze and document the results for dissemination to the stripper well consortium.

Key Deliverables:

The deliverable will be the documented demonstration of an improved gas production rate, including the treatment method and operational procedures, the results of reservoir characterization and laboratory testing, and analysis of the resulting post-trial sample and product data.

Potential Impact of the Project (Benefits, Outcomes):

Low producing, marginal wells serve as access to much of the remaining oil and natural gas in the US. The majority of these marginal wells are owned and operated by thousands of small and independent operators that have limited resources for new technology. Even so, these small producers utilizing these marginal wells account for a large proportion of the jobs and economic growth in the U.S. petroleum industry. Revenues from federal leasing provide significant returns to taxpayers and state governments. By improving the productivity of these lower quality wells and accessing the remaining resources, one will create jobs, increase domestic gas production and supplies, and possibly federal and state revenues.

Major Participants Providing the Required Cost Chare:

Trueblood Resources, The University of Texas, and 3M Company

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