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Jet Drilling with Energized Fluids Public Executive Summary

Lead Organizaation: 
Buckman Jet Drilling Inc.
Principal Investigator: 

William Buckman
(270) 779-4555
Buckman Jet Drilling Inc.

Buckman Jet Drilling Inc. (BJD) has developed patented radial jet drilling technologies to reenter marginal oil/gas wells to enhance their production rates, to reduce their decline rates, and to recover more resources from the reservoir. Patented special jet bits and methods have been developed by BJD and employed in the field to enhance stripper oil/gas wells with some remarkable results, such as over 1,000 % enhancement of gas from a limestone well and over 1,000 % enhancement of oil from a sandstone well. Typical jet drilling enhancements of over 100% are common

In all borehole drilling processes, it is important to drill the bore hole expeditiously in an economic fashion and to reduce accompanying near wellbore damage. A goal of this project to select an energized well drilling fluid (fluid containing nitrogen, natural gas, aphrons, etc.) which will enhance the effectiveness of the current jet drilling process and at the same time reduce any well bore damage. Another goal is to expedite the commercialization of this process to enhance the production of stripper wells.

BJD has developed a patented Super Nozzle (bit) which has a full vortex frontal cone which is capable of drilling virtually all oil/gas reservoirs of economic significance. As the jet bit starts to drill the lateral, energized fluid will be used to jet drill a lateral into the reservoir. The energized fluid may consist of nitrogen, natural gas, or other gases in a water based fluid.

At least five sandstone wells and five limestone wells will be selected for a controlled study to determine the actual enhancement under controlled conditions. Each well will be monitored for production before jet drilling and for three months after production. Assuming successful Energized fluid enhancements, BJD intends to commercialize this jet drilling process in the United States Stripper Well market.

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