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Cyclone Production Pump Extension Request Public Executive Summary

Lead Organizaation: 
Cyclone Production Tools, LLC
Principal Investigator: 

Larry Perry
(405) 779-0142

The Cyclone Hydraulic Production Pump was funded by the SWC in 2009. The objective of the project was to identify and mitigate any obstacles that in the past had made hydraulic pumping systems inadequate, including pump design, hydraulic fluids, friction pressures, and tubular designs. With the current project coming to a close, most of those objectives have been met and the Cyclone Hydraulic Pump has been proven to work successfully in a variety of conditions. However, economic hurdles, mainly due to the high cost of deployment are the major resistance to hydraulic pumping systems.

Thus the objective of this current proposal is to take the next logical step towards a stripper well solution. While the pump in its current form has been proven successful and most if not all obstacles have been overcome, the cost of deployment must still be addressed.

Therefore, the focus of the extended grant proposal is to modify the pump design, installation process, and operating process, such that the pump meets the demanding economic hurdles of Stripper Well Operators. These objectives will be achieved by redesigning the pump as a Thru Tubing Pump, and End of Tubing pump utilizing the Piranha Hose Deployment Method for shallow horizontal wells.

Extended testing of the pump and power unit designs is also a major part of this extension request. It is also our intent to design a process by which the operator can use produced water from the well to power the pump, thus reducing power fluid costs and also extending the mean time between pump pulls as the pump will continue to run at less than maximum efficiency.

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