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ArmorBelt™ Gas Lift System for Stripper Wells Public Executive Summary

Lead Organizaation: 
Frederick Sales & Engineering, Inc.
Principal Investigator: 

The subject of this grant request is to demonstrate a new single point gas lift technology that provides a cost effective system for removing liquids from both oil and gas marginal wells of less than 4000 ft depth.

We intend to marry proven patented thermoplastic Armorbelt™ hoses for low cost conveyance and installation with a single point gas lift tool to create liquid lifting capability powered by a low HP gas compressor. The research that needs to be done will assess the capabilities of the Piranha ArmorBelt™ Hose, Cyclone Velocity Lift Tool and Compressco’s Gas Jack to create an effective and economical method of “Gas Lift for Strippers” in shallow applications.

The intent is to commercialize a complete system solution that can be duplicated anywhere in the country, is energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly.
We intend to install the technology safely and economically in both horizontal and vertical stripper well applications. We will also develop a System Optimization Guide that can be used by the operator to determine the best hose ID configuration, horse power and pressure requirements, as well as optimum number and length of cycles needed to effectively and efficiently produce their wells.

Through our research, we will be developing installation techniques, processes and tools so that the single point gas lift tool can be landed safely and economically anywhere in the horizontal portion of the well up to 4000 feet from the wellhead using the thermoplastic hose conveyance method.

This unique “Gas Lift for Strippers” system is a combined effort of multiple SWC member companies pooling their talents and sharing resources. Together they will achieve a successful design and deployment process that addresses economic hurdles and makes the Gas Lift an affordable artificial lift solution for shallow wells.

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