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SmartRam Piston Pump Proposal Public Executive Summary

Lead Organizaation: 
Linear Motion Technologies
Principal Investigator: 

Charles Whitehead
(205) 999-7686

Linear Motion Technologies, L.P. (LMT) is a Texas Limited Partnership established to commercialize its patented SmartRam™ technology which is based on recently declassified military-proven “electric muscle” technology. The objective of LMT is to produce a new downhole pump with a market changing life cycle cost based on the marriage of two existing technologies, the military proven “electric muscle” SmartRam™ and a standard piston pump technology that is well proven in the artificial lift market.

Piston pumps have been around for many years and in many different configurations but in every case they are limited by the technology used to drive the piston. Traditional drive systems usually employ many parts (rotary motors, bearings, gearing, rods, hydraulic motor/power/controls and capillary piping), where in comparison a LMT drive uses a single moving “electric muscle” as the primary driver. LMT seeks to eliminate those drive system limitations by replacing them with the SmartRam™, a simple, reliable technology proven in years of military applications. In this revolutionary pump the SmartRam™ replaces the current hydraulic, magnetic or electrical drives producing a pump of unprecedented reliability, with low capital, installation and operating costs. It’s also a pump that could effectively operate at extreme depths therefore making it capable of easily servicing the gas stripper well market below 5,000 ft that currently has no existing economic pump. In the marginal gas well business the SmartRam™ Piston Pump would truly be a disruptive technology.

LMT has agreements with two existing hydraulic pump companies, Hydro Pacific Pumps Inc (HPP) and Cyclone Production Tools (Cyclone, a SWC 2009 winner) to work with LMT in the
development of this revolutionary drive system for piston pumps. Both HPP and Cyclone companies represent the diversity of all single/double acting hydraulic pump types.

The goal of this study is to complete the engineering of a universal hydraulic interface that will connect the LMT SmartRam™ to all existing hydraulically driven piston pumps (or as many as is economically possible). Secondary goals of the study are to build a desktop demonstration unit and to complete a study of the economics of building the SmartRam™ in quantity using an experienced outside Manufacturing Engineering company capable of projecting production costs based on quantity. As part of this economic portion of the study LMT has reached an agreement with James Engineering (a previous recipient of two SWC awards) to act as a participant in the study. James Eng will provide economic data on shallow stripper gas well markets and current costs to de-water these wells. LMT expects to complete the study in seven months.

During the time the study is underway the Company will also be pursuing outside funding from private and venture capital sources. Preliminary discussions are already progressing with
several different funding groups and an award from the Stripper Well Consortium for this study would provide a substantial boost to these discussions due to the credibility that such an award would provide. Should LMT be unsuccessful in achieving this outside funding then it is very likely that the Company would come back to the Stripper Well Consortium for further funding with a goal of producing and field testing prototype SmartRam™ Piston Pumps.

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