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Low Cost Wet Gas Compressor for Stripper Gas Wells Ppublic Executive Summary

Lead Organizaation: 
OsComp Systems
Principal Investigator: 

Pedro T. Santos
(617) 418-4640


OsComp Systems has invented a patent-pending Hybrid Rotor wet gas compressor for the oil and gas industry. The technology has the potential to make uneconomical stripper wells due to high compression costs, economically viable again.


Wet gas compression, with potential operating + capital costs significantly below those of current compression solutions, can enable material production from mature resources.

Objective, Tasks, and Specific Directions:

The objective is to prove feasibility of the Hybrid Rotor wet gas compressor for stripper well applications. The four tasks proposed below briefly
describe the specific directions for this study:

  1. Adapt and design the Hybrid Rotor compressor for stripper well conditions. Conditions for design include vacuum operation, water slug inlet into compressor, high H2S content, high CO2 content, high pipeline pressure (outlet conditions), unstable gas flow, and long periods of unattended operation (need for long maintenance intervals).
  2. Build a prototype stripper well capacity compressor. Build a full-sized unit to manage flows up to 75MCFD at multiple inlet pressures (from 5 to 60psia) and multiple outlet pressures (15 to 400psia).
  3. Build a natural gas laboratory test stand. The test stand should allow for variation in water inlet, gas volume and pressure on inlet and outlet, while measuring input power.
  4. Test and prove the Hybrid Rotor compressor in simulated stripper well conditions. Test the compressor in lab conditions, under multiple operating conditions that would simulate the production profile of existing stripper gas wells.

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