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Well Stimulation Using Scrap Tires Public Executive Summary

Lead Organizaation: 
RJ Lee Group Inc.
Principal Investigator: 

Michael Silsbee
(724) 387-1808

DESolv™ is a liquid product produced by Delta‐Energy, a spin‐off of RJ LeeGroup, Inc. The product is a mixed solvent that is generated by a low temperature catalytic pyrolytic process that has been applied to shredded waste tires. The process has been developed by RJ LeeGroup (RJLG) over the past ten years. RJLG observed that this product has unique solvent properties and is capable of dissolving and dispersing heavy tars and paraffins. Based on these observed solvent properties, it became apparent that DESolv™ had a potential to enhance well production by penetrating pores that are clogged by asphaltenes and/or paraffins. In addition, RJLG observed in laboratory studies that it can be used to break emulsions and separate out water. RJLG has successfully tested this solvent in several stripper wells in the northwestern United States and southwestern Mexico. However, the tests were not well documented and the results are anecdotal.

The objectives of this study will be to:

  1. Test this solvent in wells in the Western Pennsylvania region. Pennsylvania crude oil is somewhat different (low sulfur paraffinic) from the oils from other regions of the country and this study will help RJLG understand the value that DESolv™ can bring to the region.
  2. Collect more rigorous laboratory and field data. Since most of the current data on DESolv™ is anecdotal, well documented data will allow RJLG to move with confidence to produceand recommend this solvent as a well‐enhancing solvent to improve oil production. 
  3. The laboratory data will help RJLG optimize the application in order to maximize its effectiveness in the well.

This investigation will be broken into two areas of study, field application evaluation and laboratory characterization and monitoring. RJLG is in the process of teaming with a local well
operator/owner (Michael Bozzone) to identify and supply four wells with decreased output for application and monitoring. Ideally, RJLG will work with two gas and two oil wells for this study.

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