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SWC Insider - 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

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  1. 2009 Summer Meeting, Whitefish, Montana
  2. New Members Welcomed
  3. 2006 SWC Final Reports Distributed
  4. Industry Tidbits

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SWC 2009 Summer Meeting, Whitefish, MT (June 30-July 1, 2009)Grouse Mountain Lodge

The 2009 Summer Meeting for the Stripper Well Consortium will take place on June 30-July 1, 2009 at the Grouse Mountain Lodge, Whitefish, Montana. The meeting will be the opportunity to hear presentations from all proposals submitted in response to the Request for Proposals. The Executive Council will meet immediately following the close of the general session to consider and suggest projects for co-funding. The hotel information, meeting registration form, and updates are posted on the SWC website:

New Members Welcomed

The SWC welcomes the following new members for 2009.

  • Cyclone Production Tools, Amarillo, TX
  • Geo-Earth Resources, Las Vegas, NV
  • Industrial Automation Solution, Saltsburg, PA
  • IOGA of PA, Wexford, PA
  • JAG Enhanced Recovery, Tulsa, OK
  • Piranha Hose Products/Frederick Sales & Engineering, Hastings, MN
  • RJ Lee Group, Monroeville, PA
  • Weatherford International, Canonsburg, PA

2006 SWC Final Reports Distributed

The final reports for nine projects that were approved at the April 19, 2006 SWC Spring meeting have been distributed to all 2006 full members. The projects were:

  • Increased Pumping Capacity and Depth for Airlift Systems Pump, Airlift Systems, Inc.     
  • Liquid Lifting from Deviated and Horizontal Tight-Shale Gas Wells (project not completed), Colorado School of Mines     
  • Foam Control System for Natural Gas, Composite Engineers     
  • Advanced ASJ Drilling System, Impact Technologies     
  • Novel Single State Water Mitigation Treatment, Impact Technologies     
  • Pumper/Well Tender PDA Program for Small Producing Companies, Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission    
  • Modify and Extend Casing Plunger Technology to Tubing, PAAL, LLC
  • Reducing Water Production in Mississippian Reservoirs Using Gelled Polymer Systems, Kansas University     
  • Best Practices Guide to Optimizing Multizone Coalbed Natural Gas Well Completions, WellDog, Inc.

Industry Tidbits:

This section of the SWC Insider is dedicated to exchanging information and news from our industry members. It is open to all SWC members whether they have a SWC co-funded project or not. It is simply to let you know what your peers are thinking and doing. The views and opinions of the authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the SWC.

Texas A&M University System - Water Issues & TechnologiesWater Issues and Technologies: Process Water, Wastewater & Desalination-A Hands-on Workshop

A hands-on workshop on "Water Issues and Technologies" will be offered by Texas A&M University, Separations Science Lab, Petroleum Engineering Department, GPRI & Texas Water Resources Institute on August 2-4, 2009 at College Station, TX. This will be a hands-on demo’s workshop learning the cutting edge technology of water pretreatment technologies, membrane/filtration operations, post treatment technologies and to integrate advanced technologies into: membrane filtration, cleaning techniques, life of membranes, what’s being used, what’s being treated, pretreatment, and disposals.  For additional information:

Low Cost Booster Compressor

The 2007 SWC sponsored project, Low Cost Booster Compressor is currently in laboratory testing of plastic components.  The project is being completed by Combined Heat and Power, East Aurora, NY.  The process entails a step by step replacement of dynamic and stationary components with poly carbonate versions.  In addition to conversion to plastics, laboratory testing has revealed the need to increase blade solidity and cord length. Modifications have been completed and will shortly be tested.

In addition to laboratory testing; field test packages are being prepared. The original goal was to manufacture a Polyvane booster at a cost that equals existing small horsepower reciprocating compressors, but at three time the flowrate. The executive summary for this project is available at:

Solar Powered Pump Jack is for Real, An Idea Whose Time has Come

For stripper gas well operators who would rather sell gas than see it go out the exhaust pipe, or for those who frequently operate stripper wells in isolated areas without access to electrical power, the combination of a standard pump jack and solar power may be just the solution to increase profits and maintain, or possibly increase production revenue.  

Evaluation of this combination is still in the early stages. However, the initial successes already achieved are exciting to contemplate.  

Thanks to the Stripper Well Consortium, contact with solar power expertise from AMERESCO SOLAR and necessary funding assistance from the SWC encouraged and enabled R & A MOORE, INC., a small independent gas and oil producer in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandle gas fields to successfully combine technology to power a 160D API pump jack with a 2 (two) HP DC motor using solar power as the sole source of power. The initial well test was on a low volume gas well producing 5 to 7 mcf per day. The depth of the producing zone was below 7500 feet. The well had been damaged by water invasion from a casing leak. Artificial lift was the only option available for the fluid recovery required to hopefully restore prior production levels of 15 mcf per day. A conventional gas fired motor would consume the daily gas production, possibly even needing an alternative fuel source.  

The pump jack is now operational, during bright sunlight portions of the day. Pump run times have approached 10 hours per day during full sun. The need to recover invaded water can easily occur over many months, if necessary. During this recovery time, gas production and sales will continue uninterrupted and hopefully increase.   Solar Powered Pump Jack

In the months to come, the pump speed will be increased by improvements in the power conversion from motor to gear box. As the fluid is slowly removed, gas sales are expected to increase. Even in this depressed market, that’s good news for stripper well producers.   

As they say, “One picture is worth a thousand words.” The cows are full scale cows.

IACX Energy Announces Gaseous Helium Sales From Its Proprietary, Small-Scale Processing Unit Near Otis, Kansas

Dallas-based midstream natural gas company, IACX Energy, has commenced operations and sales on what is believed to be the world's smallest, mobile, economically viable helium purification plant for natural gas applications. The plant is located near the community of Otis, Kansas (center of the state), and it is being operated in unison with three IACX nitrogen rejection units (3 MMcf/d -of total inlet capacity). Presently, the plant is polishing approximately 15 to 30Mcf/day of helium which is then compressed to 2,800 psi and stored in high pressure tube trailers for transport. For the full story:

POGAM 91st Annual Meeting & Trade ShowOGAM 2009 Convention

Building on last year’s success, the Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Association’s annual convention continues to grow. The 2009 edition returns September 1-3, 2009 to the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, Pennsylvania, with more than 200 exhibit spaces and two days of valuable programming.

The first day of the event features golf and sporting clays, along with an evening Trade Show Preview Reception for conferees and exhibitors in the exhibit area. During the next two days, September 2 and 3, the show will be open all day to conferees and to walk-in, show-only attendees.

On Wednesday, September 2, program activities begin with a luncheon. The speaker will be Mark Davidson of Platts speaking on issues and trends in natural gas markets. That will be followed by a pair of breakout sessions, one dealing with legal issues and the other with regulatory matters. Wrapping up the afternoon session will be a discussion of current oil and gas issues before the Pennsylvania General Assembly. The day ends with a banquet and keynote speaker to be announced.

Thursday, September 3, opens with a presentation on well blowouts. Next comes concurrent sessions that deal with emerging issues such as carbon sequestration and natural gas vehicles on one side and technical issues including new state stormwater management regulations and Marcellus Shale wastewater chemistry on the other. The Annual Meeting Luncheon concludes the programming. Featured speaker will be William Perry Pendley of the Mountain States Legal Foundation.

For registration and other information, visit the Calendar section at



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