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Technical Meeting

Come to our SWC Technology Transfer Meeting at the IOGA of New York 2015 Annual Summer Meeting July 9, 2015!

SWC Agenda - July 9, 15

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Peek'n Peak Resort, Findley Lake, NY
Retreat Building

Opening SWC Comments

Joel Morrison, The Pennsylvania State University
Gary Covatch, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Latest Results

Near-Isothermal Multi-Phase Compressor for Stripper Wells
Pedro Santos, Hicor (Houston, TX)

Multiphase Injectors for Fuel Flexible Microturbine for Stripper Well Applications
Ivan Wang, Dynamo MicroPower (Somerville, MA)

The Hyper Scratcher Tool: A Patented Oil, Gas, Disposal, and Injection Well Tool for Enhancing Production and Efficiency
Robert Ballou, Flathead Energy Services (Salt Lake City, UT)

Downhole Wireless Pressure & Temperature Systems
Paul Tubel, Tubel Energy (Woodlands, TX)

SWC Impact

Stripper Well Technologies
Uday Turaga, ADI Analytics (Houston, TX)

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