The Ionization Constant of Water

pKw ≡ -log10(Kw)

—— A web computational tool ——

Negative logarithm (base 10) of the ionization constant of water, Kw, can be
calculated at temperatures of 0-800 oC, pressures of 1-10000 bar, and densities of 0-1.25 g cm-3

The water properties are calculated by IAPWS-95 EOS (Wagner and Pru╬▓, 2002).

Input options

t / oC:
P / bar
ρH2O / g cm-3
pKw(sc or use ρ)
Psat / bar
ρH2O(sc) / g cm-3
ρH2O(l) / g cm-3
ρH2O(v) / g cm-3

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