The University Coalition for Fossil Energy Research has been established to advance basic and applied fossil energy research through mechanisms that promote collaboration among the Department of Energy and the universities that are members of the coalition through the coordination of research and the sharing of data. This collaboration between university and NETL scientists is one of the most important objectives of the UCFER. Consequently, NETL held a video conference for interested faculty from each member university on May 26, 2016 to discuss the types and scope of collaborations for each research topic area in the first request for proposals. The purpose of the webinar was to set the framework for the first and subsequent solicitation rounds.

NETL provided general information about the nature and scope of the collaborations under each research topic area that NETL would consider feasible and worthwhile. This included the types of facilities at NETL that may be available, limits on their availability, and the level of effort that NETL’s scientists and facilities can provide to collaborative research under the UCFER request for proposal. This was extremely helpful for those preparing proposals for the first request for proposals. All of this information, which includes several presentations and the video transcript, can be found on the members-only portal.