Councils & Boards

Executive Council

The UCFER has an Executive Council.  The members of the Executive Council are:

  1. the Director, Bruce G. Miller, who presides over the Council;

  2. a DOE Project Officer, Omer R. Bakshi, appointed by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) ;

  3. a DOE Technical Director, Madhava Syamlal, appointed by NETL; and

  4. Two representatives, James Spivey and Götz Veser, from the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) selected by the TAC.

The Executive Council establishes an overall research and development plan for the UCFER; issues requests for proposals in research areas identified by DOE; establishes review procedures for research proposals; and make selection recommendations to DOE regarding such proposals based on technical merit and alignment with the goals and objectives of the UCFER.

Technical Advisory Council

The UCFER has have a Technical Advisory Council (TAC) consisting of one representative from each member, the Director, and DOE representatives appointed by NETL. 

The TAC proposes research ideas; drafts requests for proposals in research areas identified by DOE for review by the Executive Council; reviews the proposals received in response to such requests and provides review results to the Executive Council; and assists the Executive Council in making selection recommendations, and in developing and implementing technology transfer plans for the UCFER.

The TAC elects two individuals from among its members’ representatives who will serve on the Executive Council.  In the UCFER’s first year, the TAC will designate one of its elected representative to serve a one-year term on the Executive Council; its other elected representative will serve a two-year term.  In subsequent years, the TAC will elect one representative each year to serve a two-year term as a replacement for its outgoing representative on the Executive Council.  The TAC will promptly elect a representative to complete the term of any representative who is unable to finish his or her term.

The current TAC is:

Core Competencies Advisory Board

The UCFER has a Core Competencies Advisory Board (CCAB). The CCAB consists of representatives from the UCFER members and NETL with expertise in the five core competencies that are the focus of the Coalition’s collaborative research on coal, natural gas, and oil. The CCAB participates in the peer review of proposals in the areas of their expertise, except when there is a conflict, and advise the UCFER Director and principal investigators on projects selected for awards. CCAB shall participate in Coalition meetings, and make suggestions and recommendations to the Director as to future research related to the core competency areas. 


The current CCAB is: