UCFER Director

The UCFER has a director appointed by the Office of Vice President for Research at Penn State. The director, Bruce G. Miller, is responsible for the administration of the UCFER. The Director represents the UCFER to the public and work to obtain the funding needed by the UCFER to achieve its objectives.

As the UCFER’s administrator, Miller implements the decisions of the Executive Council, and oversees the daily operations of the UCFER through an Operations Management Team (OMT). The OMT is responsible for ensuring there is effective communication among the UCFER’s members and its organizations, and will manage logistics for the UCFER relating to meetings, solicitations, and dissemination of information and research results. Miller and the OMT are responsible for maintaining the PSU research reporting procedures, using research sponsor guidelines where applicable. 

Miller is responsible for raising awareness of the UCFER and the results of its research through publications, research reviews, and other means as approved by the Executive Council. He is responsible for working with the Executive Council to establish procedures and policies for the UCFER. Miller, after consultation with the Executive Council, sets the time, place and agenda of the Executive Council meetings and presides over these meetings.

The following is the organizational chart:

UCFER organizational chart. The Executive Council, comprised of Director, DOE Technical Director, DOE Project Officer, & 2 TAC Representatives go back and forth between the UCFER Director. The UCFER Director also is comprised of the Operations Management Team (OMT). The UCFER Director & OMT go back and forth between the Technical Advosry Council and the Industrial Advisory Council. The UCFER Director & OMT go back & forth between the Core Competency Advisory Board (CCAB). The CCAB goes back and forth between each of the following: Geological & Environmental Systems; Materials Engineering & Manufacturing; Energy Conversion Engineering; Systems Engineering & Analysis; and Computational Science & Engineering. All six of those report to the Integrated Research Projects. The  Integrated Research Projects go to the nine UCFER University Faculty Researchers, which include: MIT, Penn State Univ., Princeton, Texas A&M Univ., Univ. of Kentucky, Univ. of S. California, Univ. of Tulsa, Univ. of Wyoming, Virginia Tech, & any new university members.