2018 Penn State Energy Days

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 to Thursday, May 31, 2018

Penn State held its 2018 Energy Days on May 30 and 31, 2018. It brings together leaders from across the energy realm, including members of industry, government, non-profits, and academia. The purpose is to identify and discuss the regional, national, and global energy challenges facing society. In addition to plenary sessions, there are a series of focused workshops on key topics where specific and compelling outcomes are in reach. Several posters were prepared for the Poster Session, one providing an overview of UCFER and several summarizing UCFER-sponsored research by Penn State faculty.


Click here to down load "University Coalition for Fossil Energy Research" (i.e., an overview of UCFER) prepared by OMT

Click here to down load "A Bipolar Membrane-Based CO2 Electrolyzer and High Throughput Discovery of Efficient CO2 Reduction Catalysts" prepared by Z. Yan, Y.c. Li, J. Hitt, L. Zhu, M. Hickner, and T.E. Mallouk

Click here to down load "The Use of FTIR to Study the CO2 Capture in Cationic Polymers" prepared by R. Lopez-Hallman and M. A. Hickner

Click here to down load "Fundamental Studies on the Reaction Mechanisms of Oxygen Carriers for CLC/CLOU with Solid Fuels" prepared by R. Yetter, E. Boyer, A. van Duin, W. Zhu, Y. Ju, H. Zhao, and C. Burger (Ju, Zhao, and Burger are from Princeton University)