Welcome New Member Universities!

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An important feature of UCFER is the flexibility in the organizational structure to add new members to further strengthen UCFER’s research capabilities. New members must have strong technical expertise in fossil energy research and qualifications in disciplines that support NETL’s five core competency areas:

  1. Geological and Environmental Systems
  2. Materials Engineering and Manufacturing
  3. Energy Conversion Engineering
  4. Systems Engineering and Analysis
  5. Computational Science and Engineering

We welcomed the following universities to UCFER in March 2017 for the start of our second year of research activities:

New Member Universities from March 2017

















More general information on UCFER can be found at www.energy.psu.edu/ucfer. Membership application information is available at www.energy.psu.edu/ucfer/?q=becomemember.html.
Applications from university members will be reviewed on a yearly basis.