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Dr. Chunshan Song pixWelcome to the inaugural edition of the DOE-NETL University Coalition for Fossil Energy Research newsletter. We launched UCFER a year ago and would like to update everyone on our progress. It has been an exciting and busy first year, and we have a lot of information we want to share.

I would like to begin by first thanking all of those at the founding member universities for all the collaborative work we did together in preparing the proposal to DOE to establish UCFER, as well as all their hard work after project award began to help set up the policies and procedure for operating UCFER.

In this issue, we introduce the founding members, specifically those on the Technical Advisory Council (TAC), Core Competency Advisory Board (CCAB), and Executive Council. We also welcome new members that have recently joined and look forward to working with them in the coalition.

The inaugural meeting was held at Penn State on May 26, 2016 bringing together representatives from DOE NETL, TAC, CCAB, and Penn State faculty and staff to kick off UCFER, discuss the vision, mission, and direction of UCFER, and to explain the logistical operation of UCFER. The meeting was highly successful.

We completed two rounds of proposal solicitations in 2016 and they are summarized in this issue. Proposals selected for the first round have started. We are close to finalizing the project awards with DOE NETL for the second round and anticipate that these projects will start in August 2017.

We would like to emphasize that collaboration among universities and NETL on individual projects is a key component to make UCFER successful. Therefore, we are highlighting this in the newsletter.

We have informed all member universities of the upcoming events, specifically the Coalition Workshop that will be held at NETL in May. It is very important that TAC and CCAB representatives and faculty members from each university attend the workshop to meet with NETL scientists and leaders to maximize the benefits of collaboration with NETL and coalition members. I look forward to continue working with all of you to advance the mission of UCFER.

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Dr. Chunshan Song
Director, EMS Energy Institute, Penn State
Distinguished Professor of Fuel Science and Professor of Chemical Engineering