Operations Management Team

The UCFER Director will implement the decisions of the Executive Council, and oversee the daily operations of the UCFER through an Operations Management Team (OMT).  The OMT is responsible for ensuring there is effective communication among the UCFER’s members and its organizations, and will manage logistics for the UCFER relating to meetings, solicitations, and dissemination of information and research results.  The Director and the OMT are responsible for maintaining the PSU research reporting procedures, using research sponsor guidelines where applicable.

The current OMT is:

  • Bruce Miller, Manager of OMT for UCFER, Associate Director of EMS Energy Institute
  • Joel Morrison, Coordinator for UCFER OMT, Director of Sustainable Energy Program, EMS Energy Institute
  • Kelly Rhoades, Budget & Administrative Coordinator for UCFER OMT, EMS Energy Institute
  • Elizabeth Wood, Database Developer & Management, Website & Graphic Design for UCFER OMT, EMS Energy Institute

All members of the OMT can be reached at ucfer-omt@ems.psu.edu