Technology Line

Below are the UCFER research topics by technology line:

RFP 2016-01

[A-1] Carbon Use and Reuse - Catalysts, Chemical Reactors, and Chemical Processes for CO2 Conversion to Products

  • Subtopic A-1a: Development of Novel Catalysts for CO2 Conversion to Products
  • Subtopic A-1b: Chemical Reactor & Process Development and Characterization

[B-1] Carbon Storage - Geologic Storage, Simulation, and Risk Assessment

  • Subtopic B-1a: Pore to Core Scale Characterization of Flow Paths Using Experimental Imaging and Simulation
  • Subtopic B-1b: In-Situ Measurement of Geomechanical Properties

[B-2] Carbon Storage -Monitoring, Verification, Accounting, and Assessment Technologies

  • Subtopic B-2a: Deep Subsurface Monitoring Technologies
  • Subtopic B-2b: Near-Surface Monitoring Technologies
  • Subtopic B-2c: Modeling of Monitoring Technologies

[C-1] Crosscutting Research & Analysis - Multiphase Flow Science

  • Subtopic C-1a: Assess and Quantify Numerical Discretization Errors in Multiphase Gas-Solids Flow Simulations

[D-1] Rare Earth Elements - Transformational Technology Development for REE Separations and Extraction Concepts from Coal and Coal By-Product Resources

  • Subtopic D-1a: Transformational REE Separations Technology Development

RFP 2016-02

[E-1] Carbon Capture - Transformational Membrane Materials for Carbon Capture

  • Subtopic E-1a: Innovative Polymeric Membrane Materials for Separation of CO2/N2
  • Subtopic E-1b: Thin Film Fabrication and Characterization for Polymeric Gas Separation Membranes
  • Subtopic E-1c: Hollow Fiber Membrane Module Design
  • Subtopic E-1d: Phase Change Solvent Materials for Separation of CO2/N2

[E-2]  Carbon Capture - Support for 2nd Generation  Carbon Capture Technology Scale Up

  • Subtopic E-2a: Validated Volume of Fluid (VOF) Simulations to Develop Models for Interfacial Area and Mass Transfer

[F-1] Oil & Gas (Natural Gas Infrastructure) - Measuring and Monitoring the Air Quality Impacts of Unconventional Oil and Gas (UOG) Development

  • Subtopic F-1a: Fugitive Air Emission from Point Sources

[G-1]  Advanced Combustion - Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles

  • Subtopic G-1a: CFD Model Development for Direct Fired Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles

[G-2]  Advanced Combustion - Chemical Looping Combustion

  • Subtopic G-2a: Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion of Solid Fuels

[G-3]  Advanced Combustion - Novel Concepts

  • Subtopic G-3a: Novel Concepts for Advanced Combustion