About Us

The Unconventional Natural Resources Consortium (UNRC) is a research effort between industry and academia to analyze natural gas and oil reservoirs and production in unconventional plays. The main objective is to provide long-term support to cutting-edge research in the area of unconventional resources exploitation and development, and disseminate research results to UNRC members.

Unconventional resources typically span large areas of poorly understood geologic formations such as ultra-deep reservoirs, low-permeability formations, and environmentally sensitive areas. Currently the most substantial volume of unconventional natural resources can be found in the form of coal-bed methane, tight sands, gas shales, and oil shales. The significance of oil and gas production from these plays continuously grows within the U.S. domestic portfolio. Ongoing recovery of natural resources from these poorly understood plays depends on technological developments and a research effort championed by UNRC.